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The Sands Of Time
Author: Sidney Sheldon

Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9788170000000
Pages: 363
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Four nuns find themselves suddenly thrust into a hostile world they long ago abandoned for the safety of the convent. Unwittingly they become pawns in a battle between the charismatic Jaime Miro, leader of the outlawed Basque nationalists, and the ruthless Colonel Ramon Acoca of the Spanish Army.

Four women and the men they are forbidden to love

Megan – the orphan, who feels an overpowering attraction of Jaime Miro

Lucia – the fiery Sicilian beauty on the run for murder – and Rubia Arzano, the freedom fighter who risks his life to save her

Teresa – whose guilty conscience finally drives her to betray her friends

Graciela – who bears a terrible secret that almost destroys her – and the courageous

Ricardo Mellado who loves her.

The Sands of Time is an unforgettable adventure and a heart stopping romance, set against the timeless and dramatic landscape of Spain.