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The Whiff Of Money
Author: James Hadley Chase

Publisher: Mastermind Books
ISBN: 9788184680393
Pages: 184
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This was one blue movie that could rock the world

Mark Girland was tought and cynical as they come. An ex-CIA agent living in Paris, he'd do just about anything if the price was right. So when he was offered $20,000 in cash for one job, he didn't have much difficulty making up his mind. Especially as the job was to find three blue movies showing the daughter of the future President of the United States in a state of erotic abandon- and to locate the wayward girl herself Trouble was, there were other people who wanted the films(and the girl) too. People like the Russian Secret Service, and a gang of very ruthless, very brutal, very determined international operators´┐Ż James Hadley Chase here as always lives up magnificently to his worldwide reputation as the undisputed King of all thriller writers.