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Why Mars And Venus Collide
Author: John Gray

Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-0-00-727547-2
Pages: 320
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With 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus' John Gray changed the lives and relationships of millions people around the world. He helped men and women accept just how different from each other they really are and, more importantly, how to work with
these differences to enjoy closer, lasting and more fulfilling relationships.

In Mars and Venus Collide Gray looks at how the pressures of our modern work-oriented lifestyles are putting added stress on our relationships and making it harder and harder for th em to work out long term. Men and women deal with stress in different ways and their different needs often lead to misunderstandings; miscommunication and resentment in short, Mars and Venus collide.

Bringing Mars and Venus into the 21st century, Gray explores the different ways men and women approach their problems and offer a clear, easy-to-understand programme to bridge the gap. For example, a man's reticence when he is under pressure is actually a natural way for him to rebuild much needed stress-reducing testosterone from his depleted system. Equally, a woman's need for conversation and support when she is overwhelmed stems from a hardwired need for cooperative activities to rebuild her own stress-reducing hormone, oxytocin. It's not that he's just not into you he needs to fulfil a biological need. And it's not that she means to pester you she is also biologically driven.

Written with his signature insight and humour, Gray's classically unconventional approach will empower men and women alike to adapt to their new roles in our modern work-driven society without compromising the intimacy and lasting love everybody craves and needs.