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The Adventures Of Tintin: Land Of Black Gold
Author: Herge

Publisher: Egmont Children's Books
ISBN: 9781405206266
Pages: 64
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Tintin Land of Black Gold, the fifteenth book of the Adventures of Tintin series begins with mysterious car explosions that are taking place all over the country. On investigation, it is deduced that the cause was tampered petrol. This results in reduction in the usage of almost all forms of transportation and thus brings about a slow economy. With the country on the brink of war, Tintin unravels a political drama in the backdrop. The sophisticated satire in the story was deeply appreciated. Like all books in the Tintin series, this book was revised several times. The first one was published in 1939 and the latest one, twenty years later.

Born in 1907, Georges Prosper Remi was a popular comic book writer and illustrator, most known for his creation of the epic series, The Adventures of Tintin. He adopted the name Herge, which was derived from his initials RG reversed in French. He had an affinity for collecting paintings and watching animated movies. He has to his credit comic series like Quick & Flupke, which is about two street urchins from Brussels and Jo, Zette and Jocko about two young children and their pet monkey. His spent a year in researching and penning down each of the 23 Tintin books. Tintin, a young Belgian reporter, solves mysteries across a variety of genres like politics and science fiction. He is described as the actual personification of Belgium, and got inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2003. His entire body of work reflects in the Herge museum that was opened in June 2009.