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Intelligent Stock Market Investing
Author: N. J. Yasaswy

Publisher: Vision Books
ISBN: 9788170946038
Pages: 208
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An intelligent investor understands that there is no magic formula that works all the time on the stock market; that, in fact, knowledge and experience are the best bets for building wealth on Dalal Street; and that there are valuable lessons to be learnt from one's earlier successes and setbacks. In this book, investment expert and bestselling author N J Yasaswy provides you a complete, step-by-step framework for intelligent investing:

* How Dalal Street works: The bulls, the bears, and the immense power of institutional investors.
* Risk-return trade-off: How to match your risk-profile with your stock market decisions.
* How to select suitable shares to invest in: Which ones to buy, which to avoid.
* Fundamental analysis: How to use economic, industry and company analysis to identify value.
* How to pinpoint the right time to buy or sell a share: Understand the technical signals.
* When to book profits: How to read the fundamental and technical signals that say "book profits" or "quit"; and why investors often get paralysed when they ought to sell.
* Managing your Portfolio: Methods and advantages of diversification, how to evaluate how well your portfolio is doing.
* The 10 commandments of intelligent investing.

This book will arm you with the tools you need to invest intelligently and confidently. It will help you sift value from gossip, rumours, and the fads of the day. That is the sure way of making stock market profits and winning the Dalal Street game.