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The Internet Roadmap
Author: Bennett Falk

Publisher: BPB Publications
ISBN: 81-7029-724-9
Pages: 320
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The Internet roadmap is the ultimate guide to the must dynamic and comprehensive computer network ever conceived.This new,updated edition features friendly,informed discussions that teach you how to get the most out of the internet. Make the internet connection.Understand the internets physical makeup,protocols and applications.Decide between traditional internet provides and commercial online services get hooked up and get ready to surf. Get reliable directions learn to log in send and receive e-mail and downland or upload files.Find out how to use gopher usenet news,ftp,and telent.Get friendly expert advice on the best internet features to explore-and the ones to avoid. Navigate the world wide web find out how the web works.Choose and use the best browser for you.Visit thousand of exciting web sites on every conceivable subject.Use your browser to simplify the most popular internet operations. Discover a virtual world,right at your PC.The best internet teaching tool is the internet itself.Visit the internet roadmap home pages for pointers to exhaustive internet resource directories,downloadable software,enterainment sites,and more. Table of contents: Chapter 1 What is the Internet? Chapter 2 Getting to the internet by phone Chapter 3 The ultimate information utility Chapter 4 Internet access for the armchair explorer:Gopher Chapter 5 The usenet bazaar Chapter 6 Using FTP,the internet file transfer program Chapter 7 The electronic post office Chapter 8 Navigating the internet by hand working with telnet Index