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The Heir
Author: Johanna Lindsey

Publisher: Corgi Books
Pages: 412
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Has anyone in London ever taken part in the coming-out season with less enthusiasm than Sabrina? She is young, lovely and possesses a sparkling wit-but she is a simple country girl, whose grandfather just happens to have been a nobleman. Luckily Ophelia, the daughter of a family friend, has been chosen to usher Sabrina through the pitfalls and perils of theirs all-important first season-and what better guide than this sophisticated blonde beauty who is the most sought-after lady in the city?. Even less keen to be in London is Duncan McTavish. Having lived all of his twenty-one years in the Scottish Highlands, he has recently learned that he is the sole heir to an English Marquees and is now required to assume his grandfather's titles without his consent, to the ravishing, viper-tongued Ophelia. But then the dashing highlander meets the enchanting Sabrina, a woman for whom Duncan would willingly abandon his beloved Scotland-a Kindred spirit whose wit delights him, and whose essence is the threatens their romance, and Duncan is in any case promised to another. A Match that should be, a passion that must be, looks impossible-unless true love can somehow, miraculously, find a way....