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Light On Life
Author: BKS Iyengar

Publisher: Rodale Press
ISBN: 9781405087872
Pages: 304
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From the bestselling author of 8 Minutes in the Morning and 8 Minutes in the Morning for Maximum Weight Loss, a proven programme for anyone who wants to trim inches from their tummy in less than 4 weeks. In this latest addition to his highly successful programme, Jorge Cruise adapts his '8 Minute' formula to focus on the belly. He shows you how to motivate yourself; how to build lean muscle with his Cruise Moves; what to eat to flatten the stomach; and how to maintain your new muscles. Heart attack, breast cancer, high blood pressure and simple vanity - these are all good reasons to lose that fat around your middle. And there's no better or faster way to do it than with Jorge Cruise's 8 minute plan
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