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Wisdom For The New Millennium
Author: His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Publisher: Jaico Books
ISBN: 81-7992-370-3
Pages: 197
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“The whole world is made up of love…you have heard this before. All is God and all is love. Then what is the purpose of life if everything is already God? Where is life heading to? “Life is heading toward perfection. If everything is God, or love, isn’t it already perfect? No, because although the creation is all love, this love has six types of distortions. They are: anger, lust, greed, jealousy, arrogance, and delusion. One moves from the distortions, to pure love. This is the purpose of all sadhana, (practices), to move from distortion of creation, to the purity, back to the source.”

“There are many people, many enlightened people, who say it’s useless to do any practices, it is not necessary. They have missed a very important factor. Simply enunciating the truth does not help. You have to see from where the seeker is and take him from there to step onwards. Simply describing the destination of where one is going is not sufficient. You have to be given a road map and directions.”

“Masters don’t need any favor from you. They just take all that anguish and garbage which you cannot lift off yourself. All enlightened masters on this planet are garbage collections.”