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100 Great Kings,Queens And Rulers Of The World
Author: John Canning

Publisher: Rupa & Co
ISBN: 9788171675227
Pages: 672
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The benefits of a good monarch are almost invaluable, but the evils of a bad monarch are almost irreparable' wrote Walter Bagehot in his classic study of the English Constitution.

This volume presents a personal selection of great kings and queens, the word 'great' implying no moral judgment but used as a simple descriptive label for those whose significance for good or bad has been considerable. Most of them exercised absolute or near-absolute power, for the emergence of the constitutional monarch is a comparatively recent phenomenon. Also included are rulers who seemed to partake wholly or to a large extent in the royal mystique. Thus there is a certain resemblance between, say, Pericles, on the one hand, and Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy on the other.