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Secrets Of The Moneylab : How Understanding People Will Increase Your Profits
Author: Kay-yut Chen , Marina Krakovsky

Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780670919444
Pages: 304
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You loved Freakonomics, Blink and The Black Swan. This book shows you how to take those ideas and make money out of them.

Sensational books like Freakonomics, Nudge and The Black Swan have introduced behavioural economics to the world, and shown us that human behaviour follows predictable patterns. But how do you take these radical ideas and apply them to your business? How do you make money from them?

Moneylab is the first book to set out what business can learn from the findings of the new economics and social psychology. It explains how you can shape desires, use incentives and reduce risks to consistently improve the bottom line.

Pioneering Hewlett-Packard economist Kay-Yut Chen describes his fascinating experiments into human behaviour, and offers practical lessons being put to use right now at HP and other leading companies. He packs Moneylab with insights into the invisible forces controlling the world of business, including the desire for fairness, the power of reputation, and the human knack for playing the system. These findings, which often defy conventional wisdom and traditional economic theory, will help you engineer your business for success.