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Author: Satyajit Ray

Publisher: Ananda Publishers
ISBN: 9788170668879
Pages: 61
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One of the very famous movies by Satyajit Ray is Sonar Kella (The Golden Fortress). After watching that for more than 12 times, it suddenly influenced me to read the original book by the same person, Satyajit Ray. ABP group (Ananda Bazar Patrika group) published the book and it was filmed in 1974. It is an old book but still the readers find enough interest in picking up this book till date. May be its less because of the content and more for the writer- Satyajit Ray.
Satyajit Ray is a very well-known director not only in India but in International level too. He is more renowned for his movies rather than his books. But still after seeing his movies it creates an interest among the readers to go through his books too.
Feluda is a very important and famous character of Satyajit Ray. He has a series of Feluda stories. Among which one of the best known book is Sonar Kella (The Golden Fortress). The book deals around the investigation and detective approaches of Feluda. It is mainly to show the intellectual power of Feluda and his ‘Telepathy’.
The book is written in a first person’s account by “Topshe” Tapesh Ranjan Mukherjee. He is telling the story of searching of Sonar Kella by his uncle “Feluda” Pradash Mitter and him in Rajasthan.
The story line of Sonar Kella is based on a six years old boy, Mukul, who is obsessed with drawing pictures of a golden fortress, and claims to have lived there in a past life. To know more about his golden fortress parapsychologist Dr. Hajra accompanies Mukul to Rajasthan. But two dacoits’ greed for the hidden treasure also forced them to follow them to Rajasthan. The boy’s father got afraid and takes the help of a private detective “Feluda” Pradash Mitter. So Feluda along with his cousin “Topshe” Tapesh Ranjan Mukherjee start towards Rajasthan to protect Mukul and Dr. Hajra. But the danger may already be closer than they have ever realised.
The book continues with many twists and turns, every time challenging the intellectual power of Feluda. If we compare the book and the film there is hardly any difference in case of portrayal of the characters and incidents. This is the best quality of any director or writer to maintain a well balance between his two creations. The best part of the story is that to hype the intellectual power of Feluda the challenges and the dacoits portrayed through the book are almost equally negatively powerful.
If any negative aspect of the book is to be identified then it is less related with today’s world. In recent time, if any dacoit kidnaps any child they do not waste so many days in searching out the treasure, nor take care of the child so well; rather on the very first day they hypnotize the child, know the name of the place and kill the child. At the time it was written, the context was fine. But now-a-days it is not possible. And the character of Feluda is also an imaginary character which in reality not available.
But still many, aging between 8-80 years, find interest in choosing such type of book. So picking up this book as your next choice will not be a bad idea. After all this book deals around the power of “Agneastra” or Rifle, “Magajastra” or human intelligence and “telepathy” of Feluda.