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Health & Safety at Work
Author: Jeremy Stranks

Publisher: Kogan Page
ISBN: 9780749461195
Pages: 352
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There have been significant advances in health and safety law in the past decade covering, in particular, fire safety, construction operations, substances hazardous to health, smoking at work, work at height and noise-induced injury. Moreover, the cost of civil claims for personal injury and ill-health, such as stress-induced injury and work-related upper limb disorders, continues to escalate, resulting in increased employers’ liability insurance premiums for many organizations. Health and safety at work is a matter that employers simply cannot disregard. This fully revised edition of an essential guide has been updated to incorporate the new legislation and continues to provide guidance on how to establish good procedures in your organization. Filled with expert knowledge and jargon-free language, it cuts through the legal complexities to enable your full understanding of the law and your peace of mind when putting procedures into place.
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