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Artificial Intelligence 2ndEdition
Author: Rich Night

Publisher: Tata McGraw - Hill Education
ISBN: 9780070087705
Pages: 588
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This comprehensive text on the theory and practice of Artificial Intelligence is divided into six sections. The first section introduces AI systems as intelligent systems capable of deciding courses of action and equally capable of executing them. It covers topics such as solving problems by searching, constraint satisfaction problems, and adversarial search.

The next two sections deal with knowledge representation, reasoning, and decision-making, in the presence of certain as well as uncertain environments. They discuss topics such as logical agents, planning, probabilistic reasoning, and making simple and complex decisions.

Subsequent sections focus on generation of certain key knowledge components, an AI system’s perception of its environment, and the progress of AI systems over time. These sections include concepts such as statistical learning, reinforcement learning, robotics, perception, text processing, and philosophical foundations.

This edition, the second edition, incorporates many new theories and non-technical learning material. It comes in a flexible format to aid different teaching methods.

The book is currently in its third edition. This edition was published in 2003 by Pearson.