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Learning WCF
Author: Michael Lechter,Esq

Publisher: O'reilly Media
ISBN: 9788184043495
Pages: 624
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Book Summary of Learning WCF
This easy-to-use book is for intermediate to advanced developers who want a more conceptual understanding of Microsoft s new Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for building service-oriented applications.

With more than 100 code samples, more than 20 hands-on labs, and detailed answers to the most common questions asked by developers, Learning WCF overcomes the complexities of this new platform. From fundamental concepts to advanced scenarios, this book is certain to deepen your knowledge of important topics, including:

Contracts learn to design service contracts, create data contracts for complex type serialization, work with other serializable types, and perform custom serialization to handle contract-first and contract versioning scenarios.
Bindings discover practical uses for each of the core bindings for intranet and Internet applications, and learn how to customize those binding configurations for specific scenarios, such as dealing with large messages and streaming
Hosting learn the appropriate uses and the benefits of several hosting environments, including Windows applications, Windows services, IIS, and the Windows Activation Service
Instancing and concurrency configure services to run as singletons, to provide support for application sessions, or to run as scalable sessionless services, and learn how to manage throughput and throttle requests
Reliability apply features such as reliable sessions, distributed transactions, and queued messaging
Security learn how WCF supports fundamental security requirements for mutual authentication and message protection, learn how to manage runtime identities, explore various authorization modes, and more
Exceptions and faults learn error handling concepts, including debugging techniques, exception management, and fault contracts.

If you want to get a jump on this new technology, Learning WCF is exactly the book you need.