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Perl Testing: A Developer s Notebook
Author: Ian Langworth

Publisher: Shroff/o'reilly
ISBN: 9788173668364
Pages: 224
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"Is there any sexier topic in software development than software testing? That is, besides game programming, 3D graphics, audio, high-performance clustering, cool websites, et cetera? Okay, so software testing is low on the list. And that's unfortunate, because good software testing can increase your productivity, improve your designs, raise your quality, ease your maintenance burdens, and help to satisfy your customers, coworkers, and managers.
Perl has a strong history of automated tests. A very early release of Perl 1.0 included a comprehensive test suite, and it's only improved from there. Learning how Perl's test tools work and how to put them together to solve all sorts of previously intractable problems can make you a better programmer in general. Besides, it's easy to use the Perl tools described to handle all sorts of testing problems that you may encounter, even in other languages.
Like all titles in O'Reilly's Developer's Notebook series, this 'all lab, no lecture' book skips the boring prose and focuses instead on a series of exercises that speak to you instead of at you.
Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook will help you dive right in and:Write basic Perl tests with ease and interpret the results
Apply special techniques and modules to improve your tests
Bundle test suites along with projects
Test databases and their data
Test websites and web projects
Use the 'Test Anything Protocol' which tests projects written in languages other than Perl.With today's increased workloads and short development cycles, unit tests are more vital to building robust, high-quality software than ever before. Once mastered, these lessons will help you ensure low-level code correctness, reduce software development cycle time, and ease maintenance burdens.
You don't have to be a die-hard free and open source software developer who lives, breathes, and dreams Perl to use this book. You just have to want to do your job a little bit better.
About the Author
Ian Langworth has been writing Perl for years and actively involved in the community since 2003. He has contributed a handful of modules to the CPAN, most of which are Kwiki-related. He has spoken at Perl-related conferences as LISA and YAPC. Ian is also the author surprisingly widespread utility, Cadubi, which is packaged for many free operating systems.
chromatic promotes free and open source software for O'Reilly's Open Technology Exchange. In practice, this means editing and researching.
He is the author of Extreme Programming Pocket Guide, a co-author of Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook, the lead author of Perl Hacks, and a co-author of The Art of Agile Development.
chromatic has contributed to several projects including Perl 5, Perl 6, Pugs, and, these days, Parrot. Someday, he'd like to claim some responsibility for improving the quality of all software.
He lives just west of Portland, Oregon with two cats, a creek in his backyard, and a park one house over. It's too late for him to choose a more realistic-sounding pen name.

Edwin Lefevre"