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Author: Jacob Millman , Christos Halkias ,

Publisher: Tata McGraw - Hill Education
ISBN: 9780070151420
Pages: 857
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"Millman's Integrated Electronics is a textbook written for engineering students who pursue the subject of Electronics. The book has been co-authored by three authors namely Jacob Millman, Christos Halkias, and Chetan D Parikh. This is a revised version of the book and has been updated thoroughly from the previous edition. It provides the reader with updated information and content on electronic circuits and technology. This new edition features completely updated information on various relevant topics. With an aim of providing a comprehensive account to its readers, the book also has enhanced pedagogy. The salient features of the book include its discussion on Integrated Circuits, Bipolar Fabrication Technology, and Integrated Circuits as Analog System Building Blocks. At the end of every chapter, the authors have provided simulation problems for the benefit of the readers. Moreover, the book consists of 242 solved examples, 574 review questions, 712 exercise problems, and 170 objective-type questions. Thus, it is an exhaustive guide for the students who wish to learn integrated electronics. The book begins with a preface to the adapted edition and a list of symbols has been provided for purposes of reference. Two appendices have been added towards the end of the book, and these appendices list the probable values of general physical constants, conversion factors, and prefixes.

Jacob Millman, born in 1911, taught Electrical Engineering as a Professor at Columbia University. He completed his PhD from MIT and is popularly known for inventing a theorem that has been named after him, the Millman’s Theorem. He was honored with the IEEE Education Medal for his contributions to the field. Other popular books written by him are Pulse, Digital and Switching Waveforms, Microelectronics, Electronic Devices and Circuits, and Electronic Devices And Circuits.

Chetan D. Parikh works as an Associate Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He completed his B. Tech. from the same university in 1985. His specialized interests are devoted to the fields of semiconductor device modeling and simulation.

Christos Halkias completed his Bachelor’s degree from The City College of New York. He also has a Master’s Degree and a PhD, both in the field of Electrical Engineering. He has around three decades of teaching experience, including stints at the National Technical University of Athens, Columbia University, and The City College of New York. He has served as the board member of various education boards and advisory boards, including the Greek National Research Advisory, Information Society Technologies Advisory Board, and Intrasoft SA. Books authored by him include Analog And Digital Circuits And Systems, Electronics Fundamentals And Applications, Design Of Electronic Filters, and Active Analog Filters"
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