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The Power
Author: Rhonda Byrne

Publisher: Random
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The Power is the bible to the greatest force in the universe, a force that creates everything and everyone, using which people can fulfill all their desires and lead a happy life.

There are many people who experience goodness at every level in life, including health, relationships, money, and career. Everyone desires to live a fulfilled life, and in this book, the author claims that it is possible to make this happen.

According to Rhonda Byrne, all that people need is The Power, which can create everything, regardless of what it is. She stresses that this life-force is present inside everyone, and it creates the people and the environment that surrounds them.

The handbook sends out a message that people should learn to love and appreciate everything that is around them. It convinces readers that they can be what they love to be and what they want to be, and that it is possible to have a great job, happy relationships, start a business, and be victorious in every area of life.

Byrne states that for all these to happen, it is important to harness the mystical power.

The Power, written by Rhonda Byrne, was published in August 2010 both as a hardcover edition and as an audio CD. The book made $300 million, according to an article in dated January 2009. The Power elaborates on the principle that there is just one single force that governs the universe, and that the power to tap into that force and fulfill all the desires lies within each individual
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