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Author: Caroline Clifton-Mogg

Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 978545213564
Pages: 354
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As the most personal space in the home, the bedroom is much more than a place to sleep; it often represents a sanctuary from the outside world. Well-known interior-design author Caroline Clifton-Mogg takes a fresh look at the room where we spend nearly a third of our lives and offers sound advice on furnishing and decorating every sort of sleeping space. She charts the whole process of creating a bedroom--from responding to a space to choosing finishing touches--and then offers a comprehensive resource for achieving a look that matches every personality, from traditional to exotic, austere to luxurious. THE BEDROOM BOOK will give readers the ideas and the impetus to create their own private haven. Featuring detailed evaluations of various types of beds, bedroom treatments, lighting, and storage; step-by-step illustrations and instructions for creating different fabric features; and a guide to suppliers, this informative guidebook will help readers rest easy--in style.