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Show Business : A Novel
Author: Shashi Tharoor

Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780140154641
Pages: 310
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Visitors come and go, taking, praying, pleading with him to rise from his coma but there is no reaction from Banjara, a prisoner of the technicolour film that play inside his head. As if for the first time, he watches himself rise to the heights of Bomaby's commercial cinema from unremarkable beginnings, and encounter again all the people he met and used along the way... As a backdrop to these characters is an endless carousel of the major hits he's acted in-guady, exuberant, beguiling- a never ending fantasy that (as be realizes now, when he is unable to redeem a single moment) took over his life completely and transformed it into an astonishing, compelling lie. Show Business is many books rolle dinto one-it is a story about the telling of stories, it is a wonderfully funny tale about the romance and folly of cinema, it is a novel on an epic scale of ambition, greed love, deception and death. And, perhaps most important, it is a fable for our time which teaches us that we live in a world where illusion is the only reality and nothing is what is seems.
About Author :
Born in London in 1956, Shasi Tharoor grew up in Bomaby and Calcutta. In 1976, while still a student, he won the Rajika Kripalani Young Journalist Award for Indian journalists under thirty. After graduating from St. Stepher's College, Delhi, he took a doctorate from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts. University, USA. Since May 1978 Shashi Tharoor has worked for the United Nations, at first with United Nations, at first withthe United Nations High Commissioner for Refugess in Geneva and Singapore and later with the UN Headquarters in New York. His first novel, The Great Indian Novel, was published to internation acclaim in 1989. It won two major awards, the FIP-Hindustan Times Literary Award (1989-90) and the Best Book Award for the Eurasian region of the 1990 Commonwealth Writers Prize.
His second book of fiction, The Five Dollar Smile, a collection of short stories and a play, was published to much praise in 1990 in addition, Shashi Tharoor has written a highly-praised book on Indian foreign-policy making, Reasons of State.
Shasi Tharoor is married and the father of twin sons.