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Brand Warfare: 10 Rules For Building The Killer Brand
Author: David F D Aessandro

Publisher: Mcgraw Hill
ISBN: 0-07-058414-1
Pages: 185
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While more than a quarter of its traditional competitors were going out of business, John Hancock, under the direction of marketing wizard David D'Alessandro, transformed itself from a sleepy old life insurer into a leading financial services giant. In Brand Warfare much-quoted maverick D'Alessandro provides the secrets to his winning brand strategy that anyone in business can use to become a brand icon and incredible bottom-line success. D'Alessandro introduces his "brand first" philosophy and explains why brand must always take top priority over every other business consideration. He describes how that philosophy helped inspire the innovations in distribution, advertising, technology, and product mix behind John Hancock's astonishing transformation. And he reveals how through a daring combination of marketing savvy and street smarts, managers and executives, marketing professionals and business owners can build their own "killer brand." This book provides powerful lessons on how to build and sustain a successful brand, and a great company, in any industry.