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Geronimo Stilton: #02 The Curse Of The Cheese Pyramid
Author: Geronimo Stilton

Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN: 9780439559645
Pages: 111
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Geronimo Stilton #02 The Curse Of The Cheese Pyramid is the second book in the Geronimo Stilton Series. This book introduces some of the members of the Stilton family who are also the main characters in the series: Trap Stilton - Geronimo’s cousin, Thea Stilton - Geronimo’s lovely and adventurous sister, and Benjamin - Geronimo’s favorite nephew. In The Curse of The Cheese Pyramid, Geronimo’s Grandfather William suddenly turns up and threatens to take over The Rodent’s Gazette. He starts off by firing everyone who works at the paper. He then asks Geronimo to go on a trip to Egypt and meet Professor Alrat Spitfur and learn the secret of generating energy from camel dung. Geronimo is forced to make the trip on the rickety and patched up plane of Dirt Cheap Airlines by his miserly grandfather. In Egypt, he learns the history of the pyramids. He journeys across Egypt on camels to learn the secrets of the Seven Wonders of The Ancient Mouse World. When he returns, Geronimo and his colleagues at the newspaper hatch a plan to avoid Grandfather William. This is a funny, adventurous story that, in the process of entertaining kids, also manages to introduce them to Egyptian history and culture.