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The Adventures Of Tintin: Destination Moon
Author: Hergé

Publisher: Euro
ISBN: 9781405206273
Pages: 62
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Tintin, Captain Haddock and Snowy have just returned from one of their many adventures when they are met with the news that their dear friend Professor Calculus has asked them to meet him on an urgent basis in Syldavia. He is in the capital of Syldavia, a city named Klow, and is working, along with the government, on an ambitious and risky programme.

On meeting Professor Calculus, they get to know that he has planned an exploration to the Moon, and is currently designing a rocket for the journey. He has invited them to join him in his adventure.

Beneath the Sprodj Centre is a land rich in the radioactive element uranium. The Syldavian government and Professor Calculus wish to use this uranium to benefit the entire mankind—they want to explore a magnificent part of the space. But aggressive and evil foreign powers are hell bent on making this difficult for them by planning and plotting to hijack this technology to fulfil their selfish motives which will lead to a catastrophic end.

Professor Calculus will achieve his goal, come hail or storm. He wants to reach the moon and needs a companion for the eventful journey too. Will his determination and research pay off? Will he find a friend who is willing to take the huge plunge with him?

Hergé wrote this adventure 16 years before the first successful mission to the moon and was lauded for getting many of the facts regarding the landing uncannily right, well before its time. The story in this book is continued in the next book of the series, Explorers On The Moon.