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I Want To Live - The Story Of Madhubala
Author: Khatija Akbar

Publisher: Hay House
ISBN: 9789380480817
Pages: 264
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Madhubala played on the steps of the studios much before her dalliance with the camera or the single screens that she came to haunt later when she grew into a beautiful woman. She has been the charming muse to several directors and she later became a world unto herself till death. However, her life hasn’t been the stuff dreams are made of and she went through numerous heartbreaks, literally and romantically, which finally drew her into a hollow solitude.

Everybody remembers her smile, the way her eyes lit up, the shadows she cast in the minds of the audience when she cried, but this book offers details about the Madhubala people know little about. Save for the occasional gossip column that maligned her or made her seem elusive to readers, I Want to Live - The Story of Madhubala is an unbiased take on the actress and the woman both.

Madhubala’s career through Mahal, Tarana, and Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi have been fully detailed. This didn’t just entail the complete onscreen process but also the developments that took place offscreen. All of these experiences, beautiful and ugly, affected the delicate mind of Madhubala. Her magnum opus, Mughal-E-Azam, has an entire chapter dedicated to it, which has the pure and unadulterated story of the love between her and Dilip Kumar. This same love caused her serious heartburn later in her life. I Want to Live - The Story of Madhubala investigates deeply into all of these incidents that poignantly capture the drama of her love affairs.

Even later, her marriage to the legendary Kishore Kumar didn’t do much to help her out of her mental agony. She soon found herself spiralling into an abyss of mental dissatisfaction, ultimately choosing a life of solitude. It was during this state of self imposed exile, when because of a slew of serious health ailments, this shining beacon of mystery and compassion was claimed by death.

The book does much for this woman as it does for the old world lanes of Bollywood. The book aspired to imbibe the character of Bollywood as another companion to Madhubala. I Want to Live- The Story of Madhubala has found a wide readership due to the actress’s mysterious personality coupled with the frenzied fan following extending across generations.