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More Puzzles Orient
Author: Shankuntala Devi

Publisher: Orient
ISBN: 9788122200485
Pages: 586
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More Puzzles to Puzzle You is a follow-up to the book Puzzles to Puzzle You by Shakuntala Devi. In this book, she presents an additional set of math puzzles, of different types, to stimulate and challenge the problem-solving and mathematical skills of the reader.

The author, Shakuntala Devi, makes maths fun, presenting problems in an entertaining style, involving the readers in the problem and leading them to interesting solutions.

The book presents different types of math puzzles, involving geometry, arithmetic, elementary algebra, problems dealing with time, distance, money, age, and much more. The solutions are logical and clearly defined.

More Puzzles to Puzzle You offers a good mental practice for the readers who are looking forward to improve their mathematical skills. The solutions and methods provided in the book help the reader in doing the same. This book can also be used as a preparation material by students appearing for exams that test mathematical skills.