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Test Your C Skills
Author: Yashwant Kanetkar

Publisher: BPB Publications
ISBN: 9788183331180
Pages: 500
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Test Your C Skills, a detailed book about the C programming language, forms an important part of interview preparations for placement in IT companies in India.

Test Your C Skills, a book by Yashavant Kanetkar, is a definitive guidebook that helps its readers grasp the basic as well as advanced concepts of the C, a general-purpose computer programming language.

Sound knowledge of C is one of the important criteria considered for recruitment in the software development industry in India. Companies often conduct written tests in C as part of their recruitment process.

This book serves a comprehensive guide that helps build and strengthen the reader’s knowledge of C. It begins with an introduction to C. This is followed by various C concepts such as declaration and initialization, control instructions, expressions, functions, the C pre-processor, pointers, arrays, and strings.

The more complex topics such as structure, unions, enumerations, bitwise operators, command line arguments, memory allocation, and library functions are covered in the later chapters.

Instead of adopting the normal approach of discussing theoretical concepts one after another, the book takes a different approach. It explains concepts in a question and answer format. There are a total of 1000 questions in the book. Each question highlights a certain concept. It is accompanied by a detailed solution which lucidly explains the theoretical and practical aspects of the concept in question.

Test Your C Skills is a national bestseller. This particular edition was published in 2009 by BPB Publications.

About the Author
Yashavant Kanetkar is an Indian author who writes books related to computer science.
Some of his books include Test Your C Skills, Test Your C++ Skills, Let Us C, Visual C++ Programming, Graphics Under C, UNIX Shell Programming, Go Embedded, Java Servlets JSP, Introduction to OOPS & C++, and Programming Experience In BASIC.

Kanetkar’s writing is primarily focused on programming languages. Some of his books are considered must-haves as part of interview preparations for software development jobs in India.

Kanetkar has a Bachelor’s degree from VJTI, Mumbai, and a Master’s degree from IIT Kanpur. He has received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award and the Best .NET Technical Contributor award from Microsoft. He often gives talks on subjects related to technology. He also writes regularly for publications like Developer 2.0 and Express Computers. He currently serves as the director of KICIT, a training company based in Nagpur, India.

Table of Contents

1. Before we Begin
2. Declarations and Initializations
3. Control Instructions
4. Expressions
5. Floating Point Issues
6. Functions
7. The C Preprocessor
8. Pointers
9. Arrays
10. Strings
11. Structures, Unions and Enums
12. Input/output
13. Command Line Arguments
14. Bitwise Operators
15. Subtleties of Typeset
16. The Const Phenomenon
17. Memory Allocations
18. Variable Number of Arguments
19. Complicated Declarations
20. Library Functions