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The Last Refuge : Dewey Andreas Series #3
Author: Ben Coes

Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 9781447208808
Pages: 408
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Former SEAL and Delta force operator Dewey Andreas owes his life to Kohl Meir and his team of Israeli commandos. So when Meir shows him a photo of what appears to be a nuclear device with the words 'Goodbye Tel Aviv' written in Farsi on the side Andreas realizes that repaying his debt to Meir, his team and to Israel is going to take more than a simple thank you.

Meir and Andreas devise a high risk, high stakes plan using leaked information from officials inside Iran and dissidents from groups outside the country to try to find and hijack the device before it is deployed. But from their very first move, they catch the attention of the brilliant and brutally tough Abu Paria, the Iranian intelligence chief, who takes Meir hostage. Andreas must face off against an opponent with equal cunning, skill and determination while the one man who might be able to help is chained to the wall of an Iranian prison.
Can Andreas prevent the nuclear bomb obliterating Israel's largest city and thereby avoid a world catastrophe.