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Let It Snow
Author: John Green

Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780141349176
Pages: 214
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Christmas Eve is a time when a lot of emotions and sentiments are flying around. Many people claim to have found love on this beautiful evening. The snow adds to the beauty and joy that the holiday has to offer and this is exactly what this book captures.

Let it Snow is a charming tale of love, romance and unforgettable emotions. Christmas Eve is a time when the snow falls on a very festive ground which is decorated with lights. Gifts with colorful ribbons are being gift wrapped for loved ones. This particular eve, however, has all of this and more. There is an air of romance in the air as a hike from a stranded train ends in a kiss from a beautiful stranger, and the way back to true love happens during an early morning shift at Starbucks. Also, a trip to the Waffle House leads to falling in love with an old friend.