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Hada Bhonda Samagra
Author: Narayan Debnath

Publisher: Dey Publisers
Pages: 500
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Handa Bhonda (Bengali: হাঁদা-ভোঁদা), also referred to as Hada Bhoda is a Bengali comic-strip (and later comic book) creation of Narayan Debnath

The stories feature two young boys, one slender (Handa) and the other bulky (Bhonda). Out of the two, Handa is more mischievous and tries to put others, Bhonda in particular, in trouble. In the end however, in most of the stories Handa gets punished due to his follies.

They have a fraternal uncle who has a bad temper, Handa always uses his brains to avoid work being given to him by his uncle (Pisemosai in Bengali) Handa also often tricks bhonda in doing stuff that would get him a scolding or thrashing from pisemosai but at the end of the story he invariably ends up getting beaten himself.In some of the stories,they work together.

Their fraternal uncle,always puts Handa and Bhonda in some kind of work,and Handa always either sends Bhonda to work or he takes the money and eats in restaurants like 'Abar Khabo Restaurant' and many other places.Bhonda has a little friend name Bocha whom Handa considers as Bhonda's disciple('chela'in Bengali).

Their fraternal aunt appear in few of the stories of Handa and Bhonda.