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After Burn and After Shock
Author: Sylvia Day

Publisher: Harlequin India
ISBN: 9789351064336
Pages: 288
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Afterburn and Aftershock is the story of Gianna, a young and independent woman with clear goals for the future. She is extremely career-oriented and ambitious. But things start turning upside down for her when an old lover, Jackson Rutledge, turns up for a second round of hot loving. He had abandoned her without a word before and he thinks he does not need her approval to start afresh or need to apologize for just disappearing after their last attempt at a relationship.

Now that he was back after two long years, he walks straight into the deal Gianna had been working on for quite some time. Since Jax had left, she had learnt the tricks of the trade under the tutelage of Lei Yeung, one of the sharpest business women in the city of New York. But this round, Gia was well aware of the effect his touch had on her. Gia belonged to a simple down to earth family, whereas Jax belonged to a family of politicians. He was part of the world where truth was only catered to when it suited the political agenda. Afterburn and Aftershock is about the inner circle of sex and glamour. Will Gianna let Jax disrupt her life and career all over again or will she be able to play by the rules this time?