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A Civil Contract
Author: Georgette Heyer

Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0-09-947444-1
Pages: 375
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When his father, the Viscount Lynton, dies unexpectedly, Adam Deveril abandons soldiering to return to his ancestral home-only to find the estate plagued by debt and the abundant land wilted with neglect. He must either sell everything and leave his family impoverished...or find a wealthy bride. Raised in privilege, Jenny Chawleigh is the only daughter of a doting, self-made financier who's determined to elevate his daughter's status in society. But to do that Jenny must marry into nobility.... And the new Viscount Lynton seems quite suitable. But while society politely applauds the fortuitous marriage, Adam is still possessed by the thought of another woman-the one he couldn't marry....