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Personal:Jack Reacher Book 19
Author: Lee Child

Publisher: Random
ISBN: 9780857502827
Pages: 432
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Jack Reacher has had enough with the army, but the army isn’t quite finished with him yet. When a long-range shot threatens the safety of the French President, Jack is pulled back into service. This time, he serves the State Department and the CIA. However, he faces an expert marksman whose work looks oddly familiar. How could anyone make a shot at a distance of three-fourths of a mile from the target? To make matters worse for America, the bullet is one of theirs and the gunman is an ex-convict with 15 years of prison time behind him: John Kott. Jack must once again track down the man he put away years before. This time, the stakes are higher. Jack continues to be haunted by memories of a woman he couldn’t save. He is teamed up with a young analyst named Casey Nice, and he begins to feel like the situation is repeating itself. However, he is desperate to keep it from happening this time. This time, he tells himself, the killer made it personal.