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Man-eaters of Kumaon
Author: Jim corbet

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195622553
Pages: 226
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Dealing with the real life experiences of the author Jim Corbett, The Man-Eaters Of Kumaon contain stories about these ferocious animals that used to prey on people in Indian villages. One of the best books by the author, it talks about his experience of hunting tigers and leopards that killed men in the Kumaon region of India. Sympathetic to the plight of these animals, the book depicts the author’s desire to save people from being killed by them.

The various chapters in the book are clearly demarcated and deal with incidents that occurred in the life of the famous hunter. Some of the chapters included in the book include Champawat Man-eater, the Chowgarh tigers, the Pipal Pani Tigers, the Mohan Man-eater, Fish of My Dreams, the Kanda Man-eater, and Just Tigers. Written with a deep understanding of forests and their sounds, this book also showcases the deep love that the author possessed for mankind that would get caught in the terrain of animals.

Written by the author when he was confined to a wheelchair due to tick typhus and malaria, the book was published in 1944 in India. A bestseller since the time it was published, the book brought hope and joy into the lives of many people who were inspired by this hunter who risked his life to save others. The book has also been translated into 14 different Indian languages. The book has been adapted into movies and documentaries as well. By 1980, over four million editions of the book had been sold.