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Nothing For You My Dear Still I Love You.....!
Author: Arpit Dugar

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors
ISBN: 9788188575749
Pages: 183
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Avinash is a young man who is not very interested in getting married, but decides to go along with the idea of looking at prospective brides anyway. He does this only to avoid disappointing his parents, who are keen on seeing him settle down with someone nice, soon. Avinash is introduced to one of the prospective brides, named Neha. He then explains to Neha that he is not interested in marrying her, which prods her to ask for the reason behind this decision. Avinash is then compelled to narrate a detailed account of his life in Jaipur and in college, to her.

The readers are thus given an opportunity to get to know more about the protagonist, Avinash. They are provided with detailed descriptions about the beauty of the pink city, Jaipur, where Avinash stayed in a hostel. Avinash goes on to describe details about Ranikhet and other such places. He then goes on to narrate incidents from his college life in Dehradun, giving details of the scenic beauty of the place as well.

All of these incidents help the readers relate to the protagonist in a very special and intimate way. One such incident is when Avinash, who is a rather quiet and mild-mannered person, falls deeply in love with a beautiful girl named Lisha. Another noteworthy tale that captivates the readers with feelings of fear and anxiousness is the incident where Avinash and his friend decide to pluck litchis for fun, not knowing that they would be caught by the police, as they were at the exact place where a rape had recently taken place. However, things do not turn ugly here and the protagonist and his friend are spared.

As the story advances, numerous twists and turns answer questions about Avinash’s final decision regarding his marriage with Neha and Lisha’s reaction when he falls in love with her. This heartwarming book is successful in keeping the readers captivated right till the last page. The warm and romantic setting of the story and the beautiful descriptions of Jaipur and Dehradun add to the appeal of this book.