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The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Author: Richard Flanagan

Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9780701189051
Pages: 464
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Dorrigo Evans believed war was the worst of it. Yet, even amidst a Japanese POW camp, he is haunted by his past affair with his uncle’s wife. He still loves her, and his feeling seep through his actions, even as he attempts to save his men from starvation, cholera and the inhuman beatings. Amidst this chaos he receives a letter that will turn his guilt and doubt into a raging fire. This novel explores the theme of love through his life, From the brink of despair in a Thai jungle prison to a Japanese snow festival, from the dismal gallows of Changi to the chance meeting of lovers on the Sydney Harbour bridge, this novel takes a uniquely honest love story and tells a tale worth reading a dozen times with the warmth of a cup of coffee and th
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