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Titanic: The Long Night
Author: Diane Hoh

Publisher: Scholastics
ISBN: 978-0590331234
Pages: 368
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TITANIC: THE LONG NIGHT by Diane Hoh is a great fictional account of the Titanic disaster through the stories of five fictional teenagers on the doomed ocean liner. Elizabeth Farr is in first class. She is trying to escape both her debut into society and an impending marriage to a wealthy, older man she doesn't love, and to persuade her parents to allow her to go to college. Also in first class is Max Whittaker. Max defied his wealthy parents by travelling to Paris to study art. Now poor, he is only able to travel first class on the Titanic because his wealthy grandmother sent him the ticket. In third class is Katie Hanrahan, a 16 year old Irish girl dreaming of becoming a singer in New York. Katie has left her family and her small village to build a new life for herself. Also in third class are two brothers, Brian and Patrick Kelleher. They also dream of a new life in America. During the voyage, Elizabeth falls in love with Max, and is now more dertermined then ever to break off her engagement to the man she does not care for. Katie falls in love with Patrick, only Patrick is afraid to return her feelings, as he believes that Katie loves his brother Brian. It takes the sinking of the Titanic for true feelings to be revealed. But is it too late? Who will survive? Will Elizabeth, Max, Patrick, Brian, and Katie be among those who get out alive? READ THIS BOOK TO FIND OUT!