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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Author: Benjamin Franklin

Publisher: 978-8190276689
ISBN: General Press
Pages: 224
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The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin holds details of a prominent historical figure, Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin gives a striking documentary of his life in this book. This classic literature book was published after Benjamin Franklin had passed away. It has been divided into four parts. Each part covers a certain event in this world leader’s life.

The first part includes letters to Franklin’s son William in the year 1771. It has detailed information about his lineage and his stay in England. The second part was written when he was in France and his relationship with William went bad after the Revolutionary War. The third part narrates his return to America, where he details the progress in his country. He also mentions good deeds done to his country and the world.

This book will make readers realise that Franklin was kind in nature and always wanted to do good. The detailed account of the good deeds he did will sway readers. The fourth part is empty and incomplete. It holds certain events that had taken place during the last year of Franklin’s life.

The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin was published by General Press in 2011. This unabridged edition is available in paperback.

Key Features:

This book is considered to be of historical value in literature and is the first to be taken seriously in European literature.
It has had several reprints over time.
It is also known under the French title Mémoires De La Vie Privée De Benjamin Franklin.