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Coup D'Etat : Dewey Andreas Series #2
Author: Ben Coes

Publisher: Pan Macmillan India
ISBN: 978-1447208792
Pages: 425
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‘Relentless pace and nervewracking suspense . . . one of the must-read thrillers of the year’ Vince Flynn, bestselling author of American Assasin

Ex-Special Agent Dewey Andreas has retreated to rural Australia to escape the turbulent forces he once fought against. US National Security Advisor, Jessica Tanzer, has her own reasons for wanting him home. But there is someone else who has a much more sinister agenda. Someone who seeks revenge and who will not rest until he finds the man who has ruined his life.

Meanwhile in the border region of Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan is escalating. As the situation quickly spins out of control, it becomes clear that world peace is in jeopardy. With just hours to head off disaster, the US President joins forces to help avert a worldwide crisis.

There is only one man he can trust to carry out the near impossible task. Can he be found in time, and can he be persuaded to carry out the most difficult and dangerous mission of his career?